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Del(h)rightful Del(h)irium
Del(h)rightful Del(h)irium

Del(h)rightful Del(h)irium

2008 - 2009

– blog, India.

"And as I discover, misunderstand and surrender to the Capital City, I write about the Delightful Delirium of my daily life in Delhi," I wrote in the first post of the blog I opened when I moved to Delhi.

I wrote the blog during my first few months in India. It's really a blog, but I like reading it every now and then, because it's full of those first impression of India I have now mostly forgotten about.

Sometimes I wonder if I should go back and edit the posts, fix the English, improve the writing, but I don't know whether that's a fair thing to do with a blog. It feels a bit like cheating. So for now I'm letting it be, imperfect and spontaneous.

Role: blogger.

Del(h)ightful Del(h)irium